Rules and principles of work

Версия за печат


of the Bulgarian Energy & Mining Forum for the public benefit



> Discuss the current problems of the development of the Bulgarian energy sector and energy in the Balkan region;

> Offering reasonable and responsible decisions consistent with the European and Euro-Atlantic integration Republvzha Bulgaria;

> Analysis and forecast of the development of the energy market in the country in the region with the aim of developing and promoting energy science and technology in Bulgaria, protecting the environment in the region, the interests and human rights of citizens and their rights as consumers;

> Promoting development and protecting the interests and achievements of the Bulgarian energy in all areas;

> Striving to promote Mr. approval in the future development of the Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the European Directives principles: security of supply, diversnfikapiya, protection of the environment;

> Attracting foreign investors in the energy sector of the country and the region as in respect of this has methodological, legal and expert assistance;

> Support for the continuation of the ongoing structural reforms in the Bulgarian energy sector and the process of bringing it in line with modern principles of the market economy;

> Forming its own independent position on all key issues of the development of the Bulgarian Energy and Energy of the region, Mr. defend them to the authorities in the country in international fora, and to all other bodies and organizations at home and abroad, where

> Lobbying and responsible institutions in the country n abroad to preserve the current balance of different types of generating capacity in the country, as well as the key role of the Bulgarian energy sector in the region, which it defines as a national priority;



II. Charitable


> Provide a discussion environment for free and open discussion of all relevant issues of Bulgarian Energy energy in the region with a wide range of Bulgarian and foreign experts, trade unions, representatives of the media, social scientists, citizens and civil society organizations;

> Organization and coordination of meetings and discussions with the participation of other organizations and institutions working in the field of energy in Bulgaria, thus coordinate their approach to issues of common interest;

> Provision of information technology and software services;

> Organization of symposia, seminars, exhibitions, training courses in the country and abroad;

> Developing concepts, reviews and programs;

> Consulting services to Bulgarian and foreign legal entities in their participation in the privatization of power projects in the country and the region in the implementation of investments in

> Training;

> Maintain contacts with similar organizations at home and abroad;

> Promotion of the ideas and causes of association in the country abroad in print, electronic media, in TV broadcasts, advertising and any other activities leading to increased popularity of ideas supported by the Association;

> Publishing of literature and information related to the purposes and objects of the Association;

> Implementation and other activities related to the objectives of the Association;

> Participation in international and local programs in the field of energy.

22. For the purpose of implementation of public business association can spend in the property under the conditions laid down in NPLEA in these Terms and conditions.



> Accordance with the objectives of the Association;

> Sewed energiйnite interests on the side;

> Stitched the human rights of citizens and their rights as consumers;

> Implementation of international standards in the field of energy in order to achieve the objectives of the Association;

> Storage and protection provided by the Association belongings and property.




(A) the persons in the other bodies of the Association and their spouses, relatives in a straight line - without restriction, collateral - to the fourth degree or by marriage - to the second degree;

(B) persons who have been members of the Board up to 2 years before the date of the decision;

(C) entities funded association to 3 years before the date of the decision;

(D) legal entities, persons specified in paragraph "a" and "b" are managers or may impose or hinder decision making.



(Approved by the Board, Protocol 8/2011)