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We are a community of concerned about the status of the Bulgarian Energy citizens, experts, specialists, consultants, energy and mining companies, representatives of State/municipal institutions, the companies serving the energy, industry, professional and non-governmental organizations, media and educational institutions.

The online platform of Bulgarian Energy Forum is mainly aimed at the Bulgarian Energy and extractive industry, but also the accompanying activities and spheres. It enables members of the community:

To exchange information on current energy topics
To razriširâvat your contacts from like-minded individuals and experts both online and in person
Discover in-depth analyses on issues, strategies and legislative proposals
To engage the stakeholders for their causes
To find a specific solution to the problem through consultations with other members
To find prospective partners for expansion of your business
To engage experts in support of the educational process
Our members also have the unique opportunity to engage with the advantage of our joint events organized on behalf of the Bulgarian Energy Forum.

In addition, online community membership gives you the opportunity to access specialized documents related to energy and mining industry in our Documents section.
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