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Версия за печат

„Pay you annual registration fee of BGN 108/year with VAT (VAT invoice to be issued) and our experts will provide you FREE off-line consultancy services ON YOUR PRACTICAL ISSUES, including:

  1. What kind of actions I have to undertake in order to switch to the liberalized electricity market for household and industrial consumers? What are the risks for the consumers on the liberalized market?

  2. What is the most suitable heating model based on the present fuel and energy prices for an individual consumer, a multy-storey property, an office or a group of consumers?

  3. You are facing a problem related to the interconnection of an energy facility or you as a consumer of electricity, natural gas or district heating consumer. What are the possible actions in this regard?

  4. Consultation about the steps and actions for obtaining of compensations for environmental damages caused by the activity of companies and the State in favor of citizens and legal entities.

  5. Consultation on the problems related to the district heating user stations and options for their solution. Problems related to the share allocation of the heat energy in the multy-storey property.

  6. Consultations on the understanding and analysis of the heating and electricity bills and recommended actions in compliance with the effective legislation.

  7. Rivers and advanced equipment for manual gold washing in Bulgaria.

Additional information:

1) Conclusion of consultancy contract for elaboration of more comprehensive due diligence, if needed

 2) After the registration of the user (following the template) and payment of annual registration user fee to the account of the organization with Unicredit Bulbank, Sofia, „Sveta Nedelya“ sq. IBAN BG71UNC96601075968604, BIC: UNCRBGSF, please, send your questions to the website administrator office@bulenergo.com.