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BULGARIAN ENERGY & MINING FORUM ® is a non-governmental organization members of legal and physical persons with experience and attitude to the problems of the development of the energy sector both nationally and internationally. The Association is a forum for the broad public basis with the participation of producers and consumers of electricity, the academic and scientific community, environmental and other non-governmental organizations, experts and professionals from various government departments and institutions, private and public companies from the industry, associations of capital, industry and trade union organisations, representatives of the media and creative unions.

BULGARIAN ENERGY & MINING FORUM established itself as an open discussion club - center for an informed debate on topical issues of development of Bulgarian Energy and offering reasonable and responsible decisions in accordance with the principles and contractual obligations arising out of the European and Euro-Atlantic membership of the country.

Focus of the association is the preservation of long-term national interests in the energy sector, particularly the key role of the country in Southeastern Europe, as well as the interests of the average Bulgarian citizen.

The status of associate members in the activities of BULGARIAN ENERGY & MINING FORUM are involved some large international companies with proved reputation and investment interests in the country. A leading line in the work of the Association is to assist these companies to obtain adequate information on the current investment conditions in the country and thus uncover the fields of mutually beneficial cooperation for the energy present and future of Bulgaria.